A Story of Perseverance, Partnership, & Family

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1 March 2021

A Story of Perseverance, Partnership, & Family

A Story of Perseverance, Partnership, & Family

The services we provide resonate far beyond our facilities. They help establish safe, healthy, and productive working environments, raising the quality of life in our communities. Our efforts ensure that hardworking people arrive home safe and sound to their family and friends every day, and the partnerships we develop with our clients in the process go far beyond a simplistic offering of services.

SureHire is more than a provider. We offer our staff and clients a network—a support system, and to that end, we are family. Our clients are our business and we go above and beyond to ensure we exceed expectations. The result—clients who rise to the occasion to serve us in return. Invaluable, long-lasting relationships.

An Incredible Story of Perseverance, Partnership, & Family

One of our Vancouver-based Temperature Screeners, Violet, lost her home and all of her belongings in a fire on February 14, 2021. Violet works at a KLTP [Kiewet Ledcor Trans Mountain Project] and their subcontractors created a GoFundMe page to help get her back on her feet, which SureHire has supported. The goal, $10,000. The story…

Our extended work family went above and beyond to put together a GoFundMe page. As the end date approached, the page was opened up to all of KLTP to reach the goal of 10K. Brendan (KLTP management), offered to shave his head to raise more money. Then, the big boss of KLTP stepped in and they would donate 5K for reaching the goal, at which time he put on a dress and got me to shave his head. Then Tina (KLTP Foreman) volunteered to cut off her ponytail if it would raise another $1,000—so they did it. Then Julie, another KLTP rep, said she would shave for another $1,000.

In the end, we were able to raise over $17,000 for my house fire … Abby our safety lady then gave a speech saying that this is what we do for our family… and Violet, you and SureHire are part of our family, so we are happy to help get you on your feet.

I then was asked if I wanted to say something, to which I said a heartfelt thank you through many tears. I told them I have never worked with such an amazing group of people who I was so proud to call my work family. On behalf of SureHire and myself, Thank you!!!!!

I’m in awe of the support of KLTP and SureHire! There is a special place in heaven for all of you! Thank you is not a big enough phrase to express the feeling in my heart! Love you all!” —Violet.