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About our Health Risk Assessment Program

As a leading provider of occupational testing services in North America, we’ve developed an automated screening solution to help you manage the risk of COVID-19 transmission on your job site. Our Health Risk Assessment (HRA) program is designed to record and track important data related to your employee’s travel history, health symptoms related to COVID-19, and exposure history to COVID-19.  Once worker responses are recorded, our system’s response algorithms analyze the data and notify you if transmission risk is present.

Don’t send your employees home to self-isolate over a simple case of seasonal allergies. Try our HRA program and get peace of mind knowing it is safe for your employees to be on the job site.

Daily Covid-19 Screening Program

You can measure your employees’ health day-to-day using our daily COVID-19 screening program. Here’s how it works:

  1. First, employees submit their baseline questionnaire responses, including current symptoms that are linked to pre-existing conditions (such as asthma).
  2. Next, employees complete a daily questionnaire based on their unique shift start-time. If an employee is not working on a given day, they can choose to pause questionnaires until the following day.
  3. Finally, you can log in to SureLink (our exclusive client results portal) to view your employees’ daily responses. If any of the responses trigger a transmission risk flag, you’ll be notified immediately and your employee will be instructed to contact you for further details.

One-Time Questionnaire Program

Looking for a COVID-19 screening solution but don’t need to monitor daily results? Try our one-time questionnaire program. This option is perfect for businesses that see new clients every day, such as salons, clinics, or spas.

Checking Screening Questionnaire Results

All screening questionnaire results are stored in SureLink, our secure, online client results portal. All you have to do is log in, navigate to the HRA Program tab, and begin viewing questionnaire responses.

Flagged Responses

Our HRA program makes it easy for you to see flagged responses.

Baseline questionnaire flags may occur when:

  • An individual indicates they have a fever.  
  • An individual is experiencing symptoms that are not related to a  pre-existing medical condition.
  • An individual answers “Yes” to Returning to Canada from outside of the country (including the USA) in the past 14 days.
  • An individual answers “Yes” to having close contact with someone who has:
    • (1) a probable or confirmed case of COVID-19,
    • (2) recently travelled internationally and has been sick or ill in the past 14 days, or
    • (3) recently had a respiratory illness AFTER being in close contact with someone who has a probable or confirmed case of COVID-19.

Daily questionnaire flags may occur when:

  • An individual indicates they have a fever.
  • An individual is experiencing symptoms that are not related to a pre-existing medical condition.
  • An individual indicates that symptoms related to a pre-existing medical condition are getting worse.
  • An individual responds that they have recently travelled, or has had close contact with someone with COVID-19 (as outlined above).

Our Covid-19 Support Services do not diagnose Covid-19. Our services aim to help employers reduce the risk of transmission on the job site by measuring critical signs and symptoms.


Covid-19 Controls & Prevention

SureHire is taking a number of measures to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved in our occupational testing process. That’s why we’ve introduced a range of clinic and mobile testing controls and prevention measures to reduce COVID-19 transmission risk. Whether you are in one of our facilities or are being visited by our Mobile fleet, you can be sure that we are doing everything we can to ensure you have a safe experience. If you have questions regarding our COVID-19 testing controls and prevention measures, please contact us.

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