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Rapid Antigen Testing

Rapid Antigen Testing

In response to industry demand for a risk mitigation tool to help ensure a safe work environment, SureHire is offering COVID-19 rapid antigen testing.

Antigens are molecules in the body that trigger an immune response when they attach to pathogens (COVID-19). This immune response produces antibodies that can then kill pathogens. An antigen test is used to determine if your body has an active immune response to COVID-19.

Employers can use rapid antigen tests to help control the spread of disease by obtaining quick results turnaround. The test provides a qualitative “yes/no” answer on the presence of the pathogen in the patient sample. Within minutes of taking a test, a patient can self-quarantine, effectively eliminating the need to wait for PCR test results from a lab. This quick results turnaround makes risk prevention actionable in real-time.

How it Works

SureHire uses the BD Veritor Plus System, a Health Canada-approved device for this testing. The BD Veritor Plus System allows for the rapid resulting of the antigen tests, providing employers with the ability to make critical decisions on the safety of deploying individuals to site, or keeping them on location should a positive case be reported from a project site.

Individuals will be asked to perform their own shallow nasal collection, allowing for social distancing while removing the potential for discomfort from having another person performing the collection. The participant will be asked to place a swab into the back of their nose to collect mucous. The sample is then placed in a tube and is analyzed by our Point-of-Care device. 15 minutes later, the device displays a result stating “CoV2: +” for positive or “CoV2: -” for negative results. A positive test indicates that an individual is positive for active infection of COVID-19.



SureHire stores results in our secure online client results portal, SureLink. Here, you can manage HRA recipients, complete live appointment bookings, review result history, and manage who has access to results. SureHire will provide verbal results immediately after they become available (15 minutes for initial results). We provide a verbal result to the individual immediately following testing. We can also send a printed result PDF/clearance letter immediately following testing (in-facility only) upon company request. Testing typically takes 15–20 minutes. Results will also be available on SureLink the same day.

A crucial element to your on-boarding or deployment of staff is to arrange for testing in advance of their deployment.

Test Kit Specs.

  • Positive Percent Agreement (PPA) = 84%
  • Negative Percent Agreement (NPA) = 100%
  • Test time: 15 minutes

NOTE:  Please note that this test is not diagnostic and a negative result does not mean the individual does not have COVID-19, and cannot be used as the sole criteria for determining treatment or for management decisions. Negative results must be used in conjunction with symptom observations, the individual’s health history as well as other pertinent clinical findings. Polymeraise Chain Reaction (PCR) testing is the gold standard used by provincial health authorities for COVID-19 diagnosis. PCR testing offers a sensitivity and specificity close to 100%.

Book an Appointment

Booking a test is simple, complete the form below or give us a call at 1-866-944-HIRE (4473) to book an appointment.


Why would I want to use rapid testing on my job site?
COVID-19 continues to impact millions of lives through loss of life, hospitalizations, job losses, and mandatory quarantines, and workplace shutdowns. In addition, the global economy has been dramatically affected as well through lost productivity, increased labour costs, and government-imposed lockdowns. Businesses continue to struggle with keeping up with the ever-changing rules and requirements imposed by governments to maintain open doors for their customers. In addition, PCR tests are no longer available to asymptomatic individuals. By utilizing COVID-19 rapid testing, you are adding an additional level of confidence in knowing your company and employees are safe while at work. Rapid testing helps protect your workers from possible exposure to infected co-workers, limiting labour and operational losses by keeping job sites open and ensuring your employees stay safe, healthy, and productive.

How do I Include Rapid Testing as Part of My Safe Work Protocol?

There are a number of ways to integrate rapid testing into your safe work protocol.

  • Before being flagged on a daily screening questionnaire. (Learn about our Health Risk Assessment Program)
  • Before being flagged during routine temperature checks. (Learn about our Temperature Screening services, powered by NaviSure.)
  • Before gaining access to a remote worksite (e.g. before going to the airport or travelling to the site).
  • On a regularly occurring schedule (e.g. at the start of each week).
  • Before an event (e.g. conference) (Note: remember to review your provincial or territorial guidelines on events & social gatherings).
  • As a precaution before hiring a new employee.


NOTE: COVID-19 Rapid Testing (used in conjunction with SureHire’s Health Risk Assessment Program & Temperature Screening services) gives your worksite the best possible chance of avoiding exposure to COVID-19. Rapid testing should not be used as a stand-alone method for interpreting health risks.

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