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Post-Apocalyptic Workplace: Did the workplace go to pot?

Host: Wayne St. John | Director, Sales and Marketing (SureHire Inc.)

Length: 40 minutes
Webinar Post-Apocalyptic
What happened after the legalization of marijuana in Canadian society?
How did legalization affect workplace testing?
What about off-the-job use?
What can U.S. companies learn from their Northern neighbours?
What can employers do now to prepare for the future?

Join us for our upcoming webinar, Post-Apocalyptic Workplace, hosted by industry expert, Wayne St. John!

  • Delve into the Cannabis Act and discover key aspects of provincial and territorial legislation,
  • Discuss pre-legalization and post-legalization cannabis positivity trends,
  • Get insight into how cannabis legalization in Canada may affect U.S. workforces, and
  • Find out what your company needs to do now to prepare for the future.

Webinar Takeaways

Get answers to some of your most frequently asked questions, including

  • What Happened After Legalization In Canadian Society?
  • What Happened After Legalization In Workplace Testing?
  • How might this affect U.S. workforces?
  • How Are Employers Looking to Reinvent the Wheel?
  • Should Employers Reinvent the Wheel?
  • Is your policy consistent with your goals?
  • Do your employees understand expectations?

Attendees will also get access to an exclusive sample Drug & Alcohol Policy.

SME Wayne
Wayne St. John

Director, Sales and Marketing

SureHire Inc.

Wayne St. John has over 30 years’ experience in both in the Oil & Gas sector as well as in Health and Safety. Wayne has a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Psychology and has spoken on drug and alcohol testing in general, as well as both the medical and legalized marijuana topics at many industry and academic conferences.

Wayne has extensive knowledge in policy development as well as Human Rights compliance in drug and alcohol testing programs. Having worked with many of the largest companies in Canada, Wayne understands the business needs of clientele operating in diverse regions and industries.