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Definition - What does Background Checks mean?

Background checks refer to the systematic compilation of relevant information covering many aspects including but not limited to education, credit history reports, criminal convictions, personal references, and previous employers. Also known as pre-employment screens, background checks follow a three-tier structure based on educational/prior work status, eligibility to meet job standards, and a character (reputation) assessment to determine suitable job placement.


SureHire explains Background Checks

On the surface, background checks represent a definitive measure for selecting qualified candidates for appointment to a job position; however, the collection, use, and disclosure of sensitive information hinges on legal obligations employers must follow. The corporate landscape continues to evolve in Canada, obligating businesses to distinguish between nuanced federal, provincial, and territorial laws and regulations surrounding human rights, privacy rights, and consumer reporting measures that protect individuals. Consequently, employers must introduce policies highlighting corporate welfare through regular background checks as a stipulation of employment to preserve health and safety guidelines while, concurrently, giving informed consent and recognizing disclosure/retention use for the individual in question.

Many industries authorize background checks based on contingencies such as security protocol, financial management of resources, legal administrative roles, and working around vulnerable persons (i.e. children). Moreover, companies may enlist legal counsel when coordinating, developing, and implementing pre-employment screening policies, hedging boundaries that uphold jurisdictional laws in tandem with the application and relevance of background checks to the hiring process.

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