On-Site Testing

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Definition - What does On-Site Testing mean?

On-site testing refers to alcohol testing or drug testing that is performed at a workplace location, satellite branch, or third-party clinic with an observer on hand. For many employers, on-site testing is a convenient solution that provides a quick turnaround on test results. Many types of tests can be done in this format including pre-employment or pre-access testing, reasonable cause testing, post-incident testing, and follow-up or return-to-duty testing.

SureHire explains On-Site Testing

While on-site testing maintains loosely formulated drug testing parameters, apart from test subjects retaining autonomy to provide a legitimate specimen (i.e. home-based testing), a qualified administrator observes the procedure following chain-of-command engagement. Third-party referrals for on-site testing are a viable approach when facing conflicting issues that often stem from non-negative test results, which can purportedly raise suspicions of substance abuse by the job applicants or employees in question. Moreover, on-site testing facilities provide laboratory testing and comprehensive medical reviews where cases of non-negative or positive test results warrant evidentiary support via prescribed medications, barring prejudices of suspected drug abuse in overriding earlier test findings.

On-site testing services facilitate alcohol and drug testing procedures, dovetailing off U.S. Department of Transportation statutes governed by the Canadian Model for Drug and Alcohol Testing Standards in selecting appropriate job candidates to hold safety-sensitive positions.

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