Wrist Rotation

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Definition - What does Wrist Rotation mean?

Wrist rotation is a rehabilitation exercise used on patients that have undergone surgery to the wrist. The exercise is commonly used to aid recovery after wrist ganglion cyst surgery. It can also be used when recovering from certain wrist injuries and may shorten return to work times when used properly.

Wrist rotation is also used in ergonomics and biomechanics studies as a measure of the wrist's range of movement using an eight-point system.

SureHire explains Wrist Rotation

As a rehabilitation exercise, wrist rotation is a passive range of motion exercise where the patient lies on their back with their arms at their sides, while the therapist raises their hand and moves it in a circular motion, from side to side, as well as forward and backward. Regaining range of motion can help in return to work times as well as help prevent future injury if the range of motion is fully restored or lack of return of range of motion detected in wrist rotation can serve as an indicator that the employee will need some form of accomidation to complete work duties or possibly change job duties.

Where wrist rotation is a measure of movement, a number is associated with the start and end position of the wrists range of movement. It is then recorded using the prefix W to indicate that it is a wrist movement, the number of the start position and the number of the end position.

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