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Mental Wellness Made Simple

Workplace mental health and wellness is a growing concern. Those without this balance can have a negative impact on their organizations, including absenteeism, poor performance, increased workers’ compensation claims, and more.

EQ Solutions are innovative, proactive, and engaging tools employers can use to help build employee resilience creating the right environment for your workforce to thrive! Learn more about EQ Resilience and EQ At Work today!

Why Choose EQ Solutions?

Organizational mental health & wellness is top of mind for employers – especially as they prepare plans to ensure their employees stay safe and healthy at work. The lack of mental health and wellness treatment results in an estimated loss of $500 billion per year worldwide due to lost time and reduced productivity. Organizations lose even more money when employees seek outside help for mental health issues.

EQ Resilience and EQ at Work help companies identify early signs of mental health imbalance so they can provide support before any serious problems occur. In addition, this tool allows employers to monitor their employees’ well-being over time so they can provide support when needed and prevent potential problems from occurring in the future.

Save your company time and money by preventing costly turnover and improving employee satisfaction at work.

Did you know?

“By the time we reach 40, about half of people in our population will have had or currently be living with mental illness. The World Health Organization reports that by age 50, over 75% of us are likely to experience some form of a mood disorder like depression at least once during our lifetime. That means it’s not just adults who should worry but also teens and children too! Statistics show 1 out every 4 teens has experienced severe emotional distress before they turn 18 years old which can lead to them developing anxiety disorders as an adult.


Proactive Mental Wellness Solutions

Be Proactive;
Not Reactive.

Identify easy-to-miss signals the moment they arise and end the silent suffering of employees.

Stigma of Mental Health

Reduce the Stigma
of Mental Health

EQ Resilience is completely private, so employees don’t need to ask their employer for support.

Mental wellness and Organizational Pulse

Monitor Your
Organizational Pulse

Use aggregated, anonymized data to identify signs of trouble & activate early intervention.

End-to-End Wellness

Join an End-to-End
Wellness Ecosystem

Know that when your employees need help, they’ll get it. From self-care advice to coaching & more.

Mental Health and Self-Awareness

Enhance Employee

Empower employees with insight into their well-being and promote positive behavioural change.

Integrated Mental Wellness Platforms

Use as a Stand-Alone
or Integrated Platform

Use EQ Solutions alone, or pair with each other, and easily embed it into your existing wellness programs and platforms.

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