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About Pre-Employment Background Checks

Businesses have a responsibility to provide a safe workplace by hiring the most qualified person. Completing thorough pre-employment background checks prior to hiring can save an organization an enormous amount of grief and expense down the road. Completing a background check on potential candidates accelerates the recruiting process and dramatically improves the quality of information that is necessary to make well-informed hiring decisions. Completing thorough pre-employment background checks will also significantly reduce expenses associated with turnover and re-training and the potential for damage that a ‘bad hire’ could inflict on the reputation of the company or its customers. Benefits include:

  • No dreaded “phone tag”. On average, response rates are approximately 85% within 2 days and reports with 4 references are typically finalized in 1-2 days.
  • Mobile optimized platform. You can access information anywhere, anytime so reference responses are not restricted to business hours.
  • Reduction of vague responses. Structured, job-specific, behavior-based surveys reduce the likelihood of past employers providing you with vague reference responses.
  • Thorough reporting. Reports provide you with feedback on soft skills, which has been proven to better predict post-hire success.
  • Candid feedback. This confidential process gives references the confidence to be open and candid.
  • Valuable insight. Responses can be compared to a norm group, providing you with valuable hiring insight.
  • Reduced labour costs. The onus falls on the candidate and past employers, which reduces your labour costs.

Criminal record checks, educational verification, and employment verification, all provide key information about your job candidates, supporting more informed decision making when it comes to finding the right hire. If you’re looking to expand your workforce, contact us today. We’ll give you peace-of-mind knowing you’ve got the right hire for the job.

Employment Verification and Reference Checks

SureHire offers employment verification and reference checks through SkillSurvey, an electronic platform that provides employers with insight into a candidate’s future performance. It uses a web-based, automated process of receiving feedback from past employers via job-specific surveys on 25+ critical behaviors and skills that have scientifically proven to correlate with work outcomes, including areas of improvement and staff turnover.

Criminal Record Checks

SureHire offers basic and premium criminal record checks so you can be sure you’ve got the right hire for the job.

Basic Criminal Record Check. Fast, convenient, and supplied through a police vendor, SureHire’s basic criminal record check can help protect your company, your employees, and your customers. This nationwide search of the CPIC database will provide employers with information concerning criminal convictions and charges for which a candidate has not been pardoned. Results of a basic record check are generally available within 24 hours.

Premium Criminal Record Check. In addition to a criminal record check, SureHire’s premium service will include an additional search based on information related to any of the following:

  • outstanding police entries, such as charges or warrants, judicial orders, peace bonds, probation, prohibition, and absolute and conditional discharges
  • negative police contracts including but not limited to theft, sex offences, and violent, harmful, or threatening behaviour.

Driver’s Abstracts

If your employees are required to operate motor vehicles as part of their role, it is important to understand any risk they may pose behind the wheel. Driver’s abstract screenings reveal vital information that you need to ensure you’re hiring responsible drivers. It includes reports for information related to impaired charges, status of license, convictions, license suspensions, and prohibitions. Note: driver’s abstracts cannot be pulled for residents of Alberta.

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