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Occupational Testing Services

Employers often struggle with how to approach pre-employment, post-incident, return-to-duty, and reasonable suspicion testing in their workplace. Not only does it cost money but it can daunting process that many would rather avoid. 

SureHire has your back! We have over 6,500 locations across North America to make the occupational testing process simple and effective for you. Flexible scheduling and a secure client portal make it easy to get started without having to make changes to your current workflow. Best yet? SureHire screens applicants quickly, effectively, and accurately, offering a seamless experience from start to finish.

Browse through our testing services below and find out why thousands of companies across North America choose SureHire as their trusted occupational testing provider.

Lab Analysis Line Art

Drug & Alcohol Testing

SureHire’s drug and alcohol testing services help you manage the risk of workplace substance abuse, incidents, and costly WCB claims, and the successful rehabilitation of employees in need of drug and alcohol support programs. We do this by providing an extensive network of facilities across North America, giving you access to an exclusive online results portal, and offering standardized pricing to make your testing experience cost-effective, accessible, and flexible.

Audiometric Testing

Audiometric Testing

Hearing loss is typically painless, and noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is one of the most common, preventable, work-related illnesses worldwide. Unfortunately, occupational hearing loss is a permanent, non-treatable condition. This can cause a number of issues for employers and employees when a person’s ability to communicate on the job becomes impaired. That’s why it is important to be proactive about your workers’ health. SureHire audiometric testing services help you mitigate the risk of occupational hearing loss.

Fitness-to-Work Testing

Fitness-to-Work Testing

Many jobs require employees to be able to perform work tasks that are critical to their role (otherwise known as bona fide occupational requirements, or BFOR’s for short). These work tasks may include lifting, carrying, crouching, bending, reaching, and long periods of time spent moving without rest. Despite how common these job-related activities are, employers often overlook the importance of evaluating these activities and comparing them against a job candidate’s physical capabilities. That’s where Fitness-to-Work testing comes in.

Mobile Testing

On-Site Testing

On-Site occupational testing, also known as mobile testing, brings the laboratory to your workplace, eliminating many of the issues related to sending your workers to an off-site facility. On-site testing services include drug & alcohol testing, customer-moulded hearing protection, audiometric testing, and more!

Random Program Management

Random Program Management

Many employers are not aware of the requirements when it comes to random testing. DOT random testing is completed under DOT authority on a DOT-regulated employee, meaning that person is in a safety-sensitive position. Conversely, a non-DOT random test is typically done under an employer’s authority. When you choose to have SureHire manage your random testing programs, you will feel confident knowing all legal requirements will be met and best practices followed.

Lung Health Testing Services

Lung Health Testing

Lung health testing and monitoring programs allow employers to reduce harm to their workers by promoting early identification of potential problems and establishing intervention methods when needed. Lung health monitoring can help you identify both existing respiratory conditions and the development of new conditions. This allows the employer to minimize the risk of an incident occurring with that worker through work modifications – when possible – to accommodate for the worker’s lung function limitations.

Online Education & Trianing

Online Education & Training

Online education and training is a cost-effective, time-efficient solution for employers looking to invest in their workers’ ongoing professional development. SureHire offers a range of interactive courses and self-study modules for supervisors and employees, including Reasonable Suspicion Training.

Emergency Testing

24/7 Post-Incident Testing

At SureHire, we know that incidents don’t always happen during typical office hours. That’s why our team is here to support you with 24/7 emergency testing services 365 days a year. Our after-hours emergency service team and mobile testing fleet are here to help whenever an incident occurs.

Background Check

Background Checks

Criminal record checks, educational verification, employment verification, and driver’s abstracts all provide key information about your job candidates, supporting more informed decision making when it comes to finding the right hire. If you’re looking to expand your workforce, contact us today. We’ll give you peace-of-mind knowing you’ve got the right hire for the job.


Medical Services

Medical testing can be an important part of protecting the long-term health of your employees. Many employers either wait too long before implementing medical services or are unaware of their legal obligations pertaining to medical services for their workers. SureHire’s medical services help employers navigate their legal requirements and manage worker health risks so they can maintain safe, healthy, and productive workforces and communities.

1board | Applicant Tracking System

Designed to revolutionize your recruitment process, our ATS, 1board, offers a seamless, efficient, and more productive journey in talent acquisition. From automating mundane tasks to enhancing candidate engagement, our system is the key to unlocking your full recruiting potential, ensuring you stay ahead in the competitive race for top talent.