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Pre-emptive Clearance is a medical clearance form that can be filled out by a Fitness-to-Work testing participant before they attend their appointment, so they can be cleared for testing for common, known medical conditions. The participant is given this form by their booking recruiter once an appointment has been booked. If the participant has any of the medical conditions listed on the form or takes medication for a medical condition, they can fill out their section of the form and bring it to their doctor for clearance. Their doctor fills out the section called the “Physician Section” giving clearance for Fitness to Work testing based on the medical conditions reported.

Pre-emptive Clearance helps reduce stoppages during a Fitness-to-Work appointment.  This means that more participants will complete their testing in a single visit and can be sent to the job site more quickly. Using the pre-emptive Clearance form also gives relaxed cut-off levels for blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and heart rate monitoring, meaning you’ll see fewer stoppages for these concerns.  If a testing participant takes a safety-sensitive medication, they can also be cleared for this pre-emptively, eliminating the need to put these testing participant’s testing results on hold while SureHire waits for them to submit clearance for their medication.

To summarize, this form helps you mobilize your workforce in a faster, more efficient way, and reduces travel and accommodation costs for participants that need to commute for testing. Ask us about pre-emptive clearance before you book your fitness-to-work test.

If your testing participant uses medicinal cannabis, opioids, or methadone, please have them contact Fitness-to-Work Review at 1-866-944-4473 as these medications require additional clearance. 

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